Bad ear infection

An ear infection is also known as the Swimmer’s disease or Otitis Media. The most common culprits for this disease are Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae. The disease usually affects younger children but it can still affect some adults. Younger children are more prone to this because of the anatomy of the body. When we are younger, our Eustachian tubes are shorter, and because of this, germs can easily accumulate and build up in the middle ear which could lead to the disease. And aside from that, the young children have lower immune systems which make them at risk for easily developing it.

This condition can be acute and can be easily treated. But if it will not be easily noticed and it will not be treated right away, it could lead to a chronic condition which could create a huge damage from the middle ear to the eardrum. The signs and symptoms of this disease must be observed. Tinnitus (ringing in the ears), pain in the affected ear that could radiate to the jaw, and draining of fluid or pus and hearing loss are really bad ear infection signs and symptoms. It does not only affect humans; it can also affect the man’s best friend which are dogs. Like humans, a bad dog ear infection should also be treated to keep their good sense of hearing working.

How to treat really bad ear infection in adults?

Bad Ear InfectionAn ear infection in adults is a rare case. In adults, it is usually caused by the Haemophilus influenzae. When an adult catches a common cold, sometimes, he or she blows her nose too hard and it could cause damage to the different parts of the ear, especially to the middle ear. When it gets inflamed, it will lessen the ear’s ability to drain fluid. The bacteria will accumulate in the ear. And the individual will start to feel the bad ear infection symptoms.

An adult is advised to see a physician to treat really bad ear infection pain that could make them sleepless. Usually, antibiotics and analgesics are prescribed to treat the infection and to minimize the discomforts that are brought by this disease. It is also advised that they should rest and drink lots of water and juices to keep their body hydrated.

How to treat bad ear infection in kids

If there is a group of people who can easily acquire this disease, it is the group of younger children. The reason why they are at risk for this condition was already mentioned above. It is the time for us to know the bad ear infection treatment for them.

If a child is experiencing otalgia or pain in the ear, irritable, has otorrhea or fluid draining from the ear, and is having fever, it is advisable to take the child to a pediatrician. Antibiotics may be prescribed to the child. Follow the instructions that will be given on how to take the medication and observe the child for any adverse reactions.

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