Blocked ear

Most of the complaints are reportedly caused by self-inflicting activities such as using a cotton buds in cleaning the ear canal pushing the ear wax deeply to the inner part of the ear. This earwax is a product of the combination of sweat and sebaceous glands. Normally, earwax maintains the balanced process in the ear such as protection of the lining, lubricating and cleaning functions. It also functions to trap bacteria, dirt and repel water.

Different types of ear tube obstructions

Ears are consisting of glands and follicles. These glands release cerumen. Cerumen, an oil-like substance, protects the organ from bacteria, dust, and foreign particles. Production of this wax varies for each individual- some secretes more compared to others. Excessive secretion can lead to hardening of some waxes at the inner tube. During cleaning, once this hardened wax is pushed at the inner tube, it may then worsen the condition resulting in a blocked ear duct. The most common reason for the ear clog is blocked ear cold or some upper respiratory infection.

blocked earThere are other reasons for blocked ear wax. Commonly, foreign materials may enter the ear resulting to an increased sensation. This situation is common among children. Parents are not advised to remove it by themselves; they need to seek medical attention on this.  Another common reason that will lead to clogged blocked internal ear is the inflammation of the ear canal or acute otitis externa. Recommendation for this is an examination with a specialist and some medications. Eustachian catarrh can also lead to blocked Eustachian Tube or blocked ear. Eustachian functions as a channel connecting the throat and the middle air. This is usually inflamed during colds. Growths or tumors can give rise to a blocked feeling also which can be diagnosed by ENT experts. Lastly, this illness can also happen when an individual is traveling in a plane. This is the result of the up and down movement of the aircraft causing sudden changes on the air pressure. Some are advised to suck lozenge or sweet during takeoff and landing.

Diagnosing the problem is made through physical examination. Doctor will just use a light to check any presence of block and can then treat it with clear blocked ear process. One way to prevent this is simply by not putting any object to your ear. Cotton buds cleaning are good, but only on the outer part- not on the inner ear or canal. There is some prevention to avoid this ear problem. For those people who keep on experiencing ear clogged, you can perform irrigation every week. It is a never an option to clean the ear by placing an object to it such as Q-tip. It is still advised to clean the outer ear with a paper tissue or cloth wrapped in a finger.

Tips in Curing Ear Tube Problems

Signs and symptoms of blocked ear are easy to assess. Earache or ear pain is the most common one. Other would include: noises in the air or tinnitus, partial hearing loss and sensation of fullness in the ear. Once you experience this, you may want to do self -cleaning. If you get the feeling of these signs and symptoms, distinguish the feeling if this is being caused by allergy or flu. During this time, your tubes that are located at the back of your nose running to your ears may be blocked resulting to a muffled sound. You can try to use over the counter drugs such as nasal spray antihistamines and decongestants. In some worst cases, doctors used ventilation tubes to decrease the pressure and also to remove fluids. In case that this would happen, just keep in mind that this will go away once your illness will be treated. But if it is not due to any illness then you may want to resort in cleaning your ear. First, soften the hardened wax. Blocked ear hydrogen peroxide is one of the chemicals you can use or may glycerin or drops of baby oil. Second, you may want to irrigate your ear. To do this, you can use a syringe in flushing warm water into your ear; you can also use saline solution. If all these blocked ear medicine will not work, you may then seek a medical advice from a doctor especially for those who has weakened immune system or with diabetes. Other reasons when you should contact a medical professional are: drainage from the ear is noted, persistent hearing loss, moderate to high fever, and persistent or severe and persistent air pain.  Earwax can easily be removed and will not create any complication. Some probably has perforated eardrums or torn eardrums that may require different types of treatment.

Clogged ear is irritating and painful that needs to be given immediate attention. It is common among children complaining about ear pain. Clogged ear is the number one reason of ear pain. This usually happens in children due to improper and lack of ear hygiene. For to you to proceed with treatment, please be aware first of the reason why that is happening. There are five most advice home remedies that we can do to reduce discomfort. One, breathe in and breathe out. When you do this, you should be holding your nostrils and mouth. However, this should not be done forcefully because this might lead to further ear infection. Two, you may use hydrogen peroxide. But before you do this, ask your doctor first. Three, chew a gum. Chewing gum can reduce excess pressure and may reduce pain as well. Four, try valsalva’s maneuver- this will open your Eustachian Tubes, thus providing comfort. Lastly, you may as well use yawning as a way to treat ear problem. When you yawn, this would unclog your ears and will equalize pressure.

This may be just a simple health issue but still there is no better way to respond on this than preventing it to happen.  Hygiene and knowledge is the best key.  Some may just take their ear for granted but failure on this can cause to a worrying complication. Clean your ear the proper way and for sure you will prevent the occurrence of blocked ear.

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