Cropping dog ears

Cropping dog ears is usually done in some parts of the world for healthy as well as cosmetic purposes but not in others. There are many things that have made some pet owners to practice the Doberman ear cropping. For instance there are those who believe that the dogs are usually prettier when their ears have been clipped. There are some who do this purely for health purposes since the Doberman ears are usually dropping and as such will make it difficult for them to have a proper aeration into the ear and hence becoming a breeding ground for bacteria that cause infections in the ear.

Why crop pitbull ears?

Cropping dog earsPitbulls have their ears cropped since some people find them unattractive. But in most of the cases, the people crop their ears as they are most likely bred for fighting and as such you will be in a position to protect them from bleeding out during the fighting. Though these fights are usually banned since they are considered as a violation of the animal rights, it is still practiced and many people are able to profit from this unfair practice. These dogs have their ears clipped at an early age so as to ensure that they do not bleed so much and take the shortest time to heal. After this has been done then they will start training them for the illegal fights. As stated above, many people are able to profit from this illegal practice and this explains why it still goes on despite being banned.

Why do dogs get their tails cut off?

Do people dock dogs’ tails? The answer to this is yes. Despite the fact that there are some parts of the world that get to ban this practice like they have done with the clipping of the dog ears, there are people who cut off the tails of their dogs so as to ensure that they are in a position to stay healthy and allow free air aeration into its genitals as well as the hind legs. The aeration is usually a great thing as it makes the parts not very conducive when it comes to the removing of the harmful bacteria from the dogs rare. It is also an important thing to ensure that you are in a position to bath the dog more often than not so as to keep it clean and bacteria free. Despite this practice being used by some people, it has been scientifically proven that the dogs will have poor balance and therefore it might be a bad idea to cut off their tails. Dogs that have their tails cut are usually fat and healthy as the food that is always channeled to the tail is well distributed to other parts of the body.

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