Dog scratching ears

Dogs generally like to scratch all over its body and it will not stop until the itchiness is gone. Itchiness is not a normal situation for any dog just because they like to scratch, but because it posts some health issues that need special attention.

Why the dogs scratch its ears over and over again?

Scratching is a habit common in all dogs. This is one way of removing some materials or substances that got stuck on their fur. The dog scratching ears and face is one way of relieving from irritations. It may be effective but if the dogs continue to scratch such certain parts oftentimes every day, then it only means that there is something that causes this. There are times of dog scratching ears and whining. This situation may happen sometimes.

Dog scratching earsWhen dog scratching ears raw skin, it will be a big health problem. The dog won’t stop until the itchy sensation is over and it will not mind until wounds will appear after intense scratching. The dog scratching ears and shaking head is a mechanism for it to remove any particle that was stuck inside the ear. This is one way of removing an object that has entered inside the ears. The dog scratching ears after grooming is not a threatening situation. It could be because the dog is trying to remove the water that got inside its ears.

Improving the dogs scratching habits

The dog scratching ears till bleeding post for a health risk to this canine creature. This might lead to intense infection and bigger wounds. Dogs are exposed to dirty surroundings and are hard to keep them away from running and rolling around for it is their nature. It is now the owner responsibility to make sure the dogs immune system is always high in order to protect it from any possible threat found outside the home. For a dog scratching ears until they bleed certain ointments and antibacterial powder can be applied to reduce the itchy sensation. But it is always important to bring the dog to the animal doctor for further check up, since there is already the presence of wounds. Wounds in dogs are alarming. The dog scratching ears home remedy may not work all the time.

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