Ear canal

The ear has three main parts-the outer ear, middle ear and inner ear each having its own function. The middle ear is where the passage found called the ear canal. It has thin hairs that blocks foreign objects like dust or flies. It is also where earwax accumulates blocking the sounds that are transmitted to the inner ear.

The ear canal function is to transmit sound waves from the outer ear to the inner ear and transmitted to the brain. It blocks dirt and other elements that might be a carrier of bacteria. This canal is made up of soft tissues that if destroyed or infected, would affect the functions of other parts of the ear.

How Delicate is the ear canal?

Like the eyes, nose and tongue, the ear most especially the eardrum and ear canal are very delicate. If one of these is dysfunctional, there is a slight effect on the function of the other parts. The human ear canal is found in the middle part of the ear. It is as delicate as the eardrum so it needs careful treatment.

Ear canalThe occurrence of excessive ear wax could result to a blocked ear canal. Sounds cannot be transmitted as clear as it has entered the outer ear because of the disturbance of such earwax. It also makes an itchy ear canal due to the presence of germs in the earwax. The blockage and itchiness are uncomfortable and it triggers unsafe actions like too much rubbing, cleaning with Q-tips etc. The soft tissues are very delicate and the more often they are disturbed the more risk of having painin ear canal. Such action can lead to ear infection and if not treated immediately would cause hearing disability or deafness.

How to Take care of the Ear Canal?

There are effective ways on how to take care of the ear canal. If ear wax gives you discomfort like itchiness and minimal reception of sounds, you have to remove it safely. The use of Q-tips can harm your ears because these are mostly sharp that when pushed too hard, the ear gets injures and they could lead to a sore ear canal.

One of the recommended ways to remove such ear wax is by the use hydrogen peroxide. Using the appropriate amount can break down earwax into chunks. It soothes the inner ear and soaks up the earwax with a bubbling effect. The bubbling effect is a sigh that the ear wax reacts and eventually melts down. Another way to remove earwax is by candling. Candling makes use of beeswax. The candling process creates smoke down under the tapered end of the candle soothing the hole and gets into the inner ear. The smoke produces a minimal hotness that soften the earwax. These are proper care to avoid ear canal swollen and other problems in the ear like those which are seen in most ear canal infection pictures.

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