Ear cleaner

These are made up of cotton that is wrapped around the ends of a rod which is made of either, plastic, wood or rolled paper. Ear cleaners’ helps in ensuring your ears are free from any dirt and wax thus reducing the chances of bacterial infection. By usage of ear cleaner, the excess wax that has accumulated in your ears is able to be removed. The process is simple as it does not require one going to any doctor to facilitate the process.

Wax in the ear helps in stopping any dust, dirt or other particles from entering the canal by fighting any bacteria’s might lead to infections. It is of essential as it helps in ensuring that the ear is protected always.

How to make homemade ear cleaner

Homemade ear cleaner are the most cost effective ear cleaners to have. They are able to perform the same task as those made by other manufacturers. They are similar to the cotton buds although they are simpler. The steps that are involved in making of homemade ear swab solution are:

  1. Ear cleanerMix a cup of white cider vinegar with half cup of hydrogen peroxide in a container. The two products can be purchased from shops or pharmacies that retail them.
  2. Add the solution of vinegar and peroxide obtained to another half cup of saline or warm water. The water temperature should be near the body temperatures so as to reduce the probability of causing dizziness.
  3. Tilt your head to ensure that the ear canal is in a vertical position. By using fingers, pull the earlobe downwards away from your face so as to open the canal and enable the mixture to reach the blocked section of ear by wax.
  4. Using an eyedropper, put two to three drops of the mixture in the ear which is affected.  As a result of the peroxide softening the wax, one may experience bubbling or popping in the ear.
  5. Lean the head on the opposite direction to let the resulting solution to draw off from the ear. The head should be placed over a towel so that the solution pours on it.
  6. Using a filled bulb syringe of the ear wash solution, flush the ear being cleaned with a stream of fluid so as to remove any wax blockage that may be remaining. In case you experience any pain while doing it, you should stop immediately.
  7. Using isopropyl rubbing alcohol put two drops into the ear being treated. This assists in killing of germs that might be left behind in the ear canal and also assists in drying up water that might be left in the ear.

Common ear cleaning techniques

Although ear wax is of importance, majority of people do not like it to accumulate along the outer ear. They will try to use all method to ensure that the ear is always clean and free from this wax. There are several methods that can be used to clean the ear although some may cause injuries or damages to the delicate parts of ear. Therefore, care needs to be taken to avoid any damage when cleaning the ears. Some of the methods to use include:

  1. Oiling

For ear wax removal, you can use a few drops of either baby oil or mineral water. By doing this two times in two days, the wax will soften and it can be removed using bulb syringe.

2. Using irrigating kits

They have a wax softening agent that is a good ear cleaner. By following the cleaning steps using these kits, optimum utility will be achieved.

3. Rinsing:

This is an ear cleaner method that is practiced on daily basis using lukewarm water. While taking shower, ensure that the water rushes over your ears as it helps in cleaning them. After the shower, you should ensure dryness inside the ears properly using alcohol or hairdryer to wick away moisture that may be remaining.

4. Doing nothing:

This is a method that is prescribed as the ear canal has the ability to clean the ear itself. The wax moves slowly to the ear opening by the help of movement of jaws thus falling out.

In-spite of the method that you use, ear canal and ear drum are delicate parts which can be damaged easily leading to impairment of earring. It is advised that you should visit the doctor if the fever or severe pain persists.

Ear candling is an alternative medicinal practice as an ear cleaner. The candles are made of linen and then wound into the shape of a cone. Proponents of it claim that it creates a vacuum which draws wax and other particles from the ear into the hollow in the candle. This method is associated with some risks. They are:

a) Occurrence of burns to the ear, hair and the skin due to the hot wax.

b) Obstruction of the canal as a result of dripping of the wax into the ear.

c) Eardrum perforation.

Ear irrigation involves rinsing the canal with a solution of saline. This helps in removing the excess ear wax and ensuring the ear canal is clean. Conducting a proper irrigation to the ear will lower the levels of the wax and also reduce bacterial infection. Although it is an ear cleaner method, it should not be done on persons who have tubes in their ears or those with perforated eardrum. This is because water can enter into the inner ear thus causing other infection and vertigo.

Debrox is another drug which is used as an ear cleaner.  It is also a form of peroxide that works by softening and removing wax just like other solutions. It should not be used in case one is allergic to it, has ear discharge, pain, broken eardrum, or if you had undergone any ear surgery recently. You should use it as prescribed in the label so as to avoid any side effects.

Ear is a sense organ which is too much complex in function and sensitive in nature. Although, the main functionalities of an ear are done inside, but ear is open to outside. Thus, it is a common occurrence that dusts enter into to the ear. Moreover, dusts are produced inside the ear named as wax also. Hence, ear needs to be cleaned regularly. But, as ear is very sensitive and the dusts are stored inside this, so we need secured and safe tools to remove these dusts. As well as, the medicines should be able to prevent any infection further and delay storing process of wax and other dusts in future.

There are different types of ear cleaning tools and medicines which work on different mechanisms and use different cleansing agents which are generally termed as ear cleaner. You will find both specialized ear cleaner like syringes, spraying tubes or nozzles and simple ear cleaner like cotton buds or ear spoons. While choosing a tool or medicine; you need the best one which is easy to use, cheap to purchase and safe to treat. Especially, while using a tool, it is necessary for the tool to have self-protective feature so that if anything goes wrong, it can be handled. And, specifically while to choose a medicine, make sure that this is suitable to your skin as these are chemical substance and some solutions may not suit you. Let us observe few best ear cleaner products which work efficiently and safely. These products work using unique kits and tools and liquids which are proven to clean ear. This is always wise to use a body caring tool which is used by pediatricians or at least by them.


1. Rhino Ear Washer Bottle System KIT by Doctor Easy

This is a high quality ear cleansing kit that is widely used and recommended by pediatricians at clinics and hospitals. This is easy to use at home alone too. It is designed in such way that you can use it using one hand and set another hand free to provide yourself necessary balance and assist further.

It comes as a package which includes a bottle, an ear basin and a bag containing 20 disposable tips. This is designed in a way that you can spray solution into your ear. An adequately large nozzle makes the purpose more specific and makes the spray to reach at desired location. It is designed cleverly; quietly suitable and comfortable to insert the ear without any extra effort. This is designed in a way that is practical and easy to use. This spray bottle works excellent to remove wax as well as other outer dusts inserted like insects or sands.

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2. Elephant Ear Washer Bottle System Kit by Doctor Easy

Elephant branded this ear washer is a bottle system ear cleansing kit which was developed by a doctor for the doctors and also effective for the individual users to use at home alone. It is an easy to use and cleverly designed kit of which every part is made especially for each unique special purpose. It comes with a bottle which is easy to grip and large enough to store necessary amount of liquid. It includes 3 disposable tips, one ear basin and 20 more additional disposable tips are provided in a bag.

Being a plastic made bottle and flexible in nature, the bottle let the user to create enough pressure to remove waxes from ear. This is also effective to washout any other external objects like insects or dusts. It cleans your ear without creating any discomfort or irritation. This ear washer works great to remove large amount of wax.

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3. Rhino Ear Washer Bottle System by Doctor Easy

These are widely used ear washing kit usually used in doctor’ chambers, clinics and hospitals. These are also prescribed by the doctors to use at home. This kit works great with its recommended solution prescribed as one part of three percent hydrogen peroxide with four parts of water equivalent to body temperature. Although, this is a less expensive ear washer, but it works as nice as other highly priced ear cleansers do.

It comes with a plastic and flexible bodied bottle which is easy to grip and big enough to store necessary amount of solution. The flexibility feature let you to put pressure on the body of the bottle and thus bring out the wax. This is a spray type kit which comes with a nozzle and thus let you insert the solution inside your ear into the determined location. It is also nice kit to bring out other foreign objects from your ear like insects.

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