Ear discharge

In many cases, ear discharge is associated with the ear wax discharge. This is because it is a key component that drains from the ears which are operating in normal condition. In case there is flow of other fluids from the ear, it may be due to infection by other foreign matter. The discharge may be due to minor infection or irritation of the ear. In case of rupturing of the ear drum, the discharge emanating from the ear can be white, yellow or slightly bloody. To the children, presence of dry crusted stuff on the pillow is one sign that is associated with an eardrum that is ruptured.

How to treat ear discharge

Treating of the ear will ensure that there is no discharge that is released from the ear. This will keep the ear from any disease making it to operate normally and release only the wax and other material that it should be releasing under normal operation. There are several ways that the ear discharge can be treated. Some of these ways are:

Use of tablet is one of the common ways to treat ear discharge. These are antibiotic tablets that have been made to cure discharge from the ear. They help in killing of bacteria’s that might be present in the ear. They have few side effects like stomach upset, feeling sick, diarrhea, and allergic reactions. To use these antibiotics you need to consult a specialist first for examination and prescription.

Ear dischargeSurgery is another way of correcting a ruptured eardrum.  The operation performed in this mode of treatment is called tympanoplasty or myringoplasty. It is the only effective way to repair the perforation on the eardrum thus improving hearing. Through surgery, the discharge from the middle ear is able to be passed out. The ear discharge with tube enables all the discharge to be taken out from middle ear thus reducing chances of any other ear infection.

Another way of treating ear discharge is by use of ear drops. The ear drops are antibiotic that help in drying up the ear and stopping the leakage of pus. The ear drop assists in killing of the bacteria although they have not been proved to cure completely the ruptured eardrum or improve the hearing ability. The side effects that are associated with their usage include itching, dizziness, earache, stinging in the ear, or having yeast infection such as thrush. The side effects stop immediately after stoppage of their usage. You need to seek medical advice before their use as some of those can lead to impairment of your hearing ability.

Ear discharge in grown persons

Ear discharge in adult occurs in very few case not like to children. The discharge causes might be due to several factors. In case the discharge is not by the normal wax release from the ear, it can be as a result of injury to the head. The discharge in adult has three diagnoses. These are:

  1. Bloody Otorrhea – this results from the trauma from the middle ear, ear canal, infection by other foreign body.
  2. Purulent Otorrhea – this can be exhibited by conditions such as chronic suppurativeotitis media, malignant otitis and acute suppurative otits media.
  3. Non-Purulent Otorrhea–this is associated with conditions like invasive otitis externa, swimmer ear and CNS fluid outflow.

By observing the color of the ear discharge you can be able to tell the cause of it. Ear discharge smell and the consistency of the flow also are other key factors that are used in determining the cause of discharge in adult.

The ear infection discharge from the eardrum is a key cause of the discharge. The patient can experience pain and become uncomfortable as a result of it. The ache is severe and magnifies in case you the rear of the ear. The infection causes smelly ear discharge which is stocky and thick or thin and sticky depending on the nature of infection. Headache is a major symptom that is related to such infections.

Another cause of ear discharge in adult is growth of tumors at the rear of the eardrum. They grow and cause rupture of the eardrum causing it to release yellow ear discharge. The color is due to presence of dead cells of the ear.

Ear wax discharge is another form of discharge in adults that can be seen coming from the ears. In most cases, this discharge is the one that is experienced in majority of people. Under normal circumstances, it should be releasing this form of white ear discharge as it results from the ear cleaning itself under the biological mechanism. The discharge is released under the normal condition of movement of the jaws while chewing or taking.

Rupturing of the eardrum can be another cause of ear discharge. Trauma or injuries to the head can be a major cause of the rupturing of the eardrum membrane. The fluid that is released from the ear is lightly bloody and clear. In case this condition is not treated, loss of hearing can occur.

In adults, immediate treatment should be done so as to ensure the problem is corrected immediately as continued presence of the condition can lead to los of hearing. A foul smelling ear discharge is a danger towards the health of the ear and an indication of bacterial presence in the ear. It needs to be treated immediately.

Therefore, due to the sensitivity of the ear as one of the major organ of the body, precaution should be taken to ensure it is in good health condition and free from any infection that can cause danger to the inner canal. The ear discharge should always be monitored to know the condition it is at. This is because eardrum is associated with several body functions like body balance and it damage endangers such functioning.

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