Ear hurt

Ear is a vital organ that should always be protected as loss of hearing can result from a problem that could be tackled at early stages.

Causes of ear hurt.

Ear hurt is known to result from so many factors. Some of these factors that might result to ear ache include:

Ear infection is one the known cause of ear pain. This is known to result from cold or allergic reactions from the ear.

Rupture of the ear drum is another cause of ear ache. In case you have a ruptured ear drum, you are likely to experience ache that results from the vibration of the ear drum.

Ear hurtSwimmer’s ear is another cause of aching of the ear. It is an infection of the canal of the ear as a result of a lot of water getting inside the ear while taking shower or swimming. Also, it can be due to scratching of the ear canal or due to removal of a lot of wax that protects the ear from any damage.

In case of infections and presence of so much wax, my ear hurts and feels clogged. The clogging is due to the wax that is being held along the ear canal. To treat this clogging and ensure my ear is clean, removing of the wax is vital. Also cleaning of the canal will reduce the risk that is associated with infections of the ear. A lot of discomfort is generated from this ear hurts.

Home remedies for treating ear hurt or ache.

Treating of ear ache from home is vital as the cost is reduced. This is because the materials that are required for the process are readily available at home and less costly as compared to visiting an ear specialist for treatment. Several remedies have been proposed to help in curing the ache. Some of these are:

First requirement to treat the ear hurt, you need salt and water. Heat a mixture of one teaspoon of salt with a quarter cup of water in a microwave for thirty seconds and allow it to cool so as to avoid ear burns. Using a syringe, place several drops of the solution into the ear and place a cotton ball around the ear.

Another home remedy to treat ear hurt is use of garlic oil drops. Tilt the head and place few drops of the garlic into the ear and wait for two minutes to let it work well so as to ensure all the drainage is able to be removed. You can later remove it by use of a syringe.

My ear hurt when I touch it as a result of sore along the canal. Presence of sores in the ear canal will lead to ear hurts in case of any touch. Healing of those areas is the only solution that can reduce the pain that originates from those areas. Presence of open tissues along the canal is risky as other bacterial infections can result from it. Also, ear hurt from inside is another indicator of perforation along my ear canal. Due to the perforation of the eardrum, the ear hurts really badly. This is because it is involved in so many activities of the body. Also, as a result of the too much sound from outside, the ear can be hurt too much. This may lead to headache due to the vibrations.

My ear hurt every time I burp also due to accumulation of pressure along the ear canal. Accumulation of pressure along the ear can also result to my ear hurt.  This results from the variations of the ear pressure along the canals of the ear. The accumulation of the pressure will result to ear hurt from behind as it will be looking for a way to be able to escape from the ear.

In case of ear hurt, visitation of a specialist is the best option to ensure that the ear is able to be checked thus determining the problem that might be causing the pain. The determination of the cause will help in determining the solution in healing the ear and also help to pass the life peacefully.

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