Ear infection contagious

Ear infection is a common ear disorder among kids, mostly kids under aged four. However, this doesn’t mean if you are over four or over forty but still got an ear infection; you are a kid! By the way, kids under four are more prone to ear infection because of the weaker immune system they have. Yet, ear infection contagious kids are not a valid blame, not the ear infection contagious in adults too! Even, a dog ear infection contagious is also a misconception. There is a misunderstanding that ear infection only occurs if there is any external hurt or internal piercing. This is a total bogus and since kids are weaker in terms of preventive energy, they may get affected by ear infection due to any other reasons, even as a consequence of other abnormalities likes fever or cold such as sinus infection ear infection.

Why ear infection occurs?

In kids, ear infection occurs due to the narrow ear canal and small ear tubes. So, bacteria get an easy spreading opportunity to flourish themselves in the whole ear canals. Thus, if anyone older has a shorter ear canal is also prone to easy ear infection attack. Ear infections are also related to infections in other organs situated close to the ear if the organs are related to the ears. For instance, kids are prone to get a fever and cold easily and getting these disorders makes the kids more vulnerable to ear infection. You may analysis this fact from two perspectives.

Ear infection ContagiousOne is that, since kids are with weaker immune systems and thus easily get colds, hence easily gets ear infection; a common sense viewpoint! Another fact is, getting infections in few organs which are directly or indirectly or closely related to brain and ear like adenoids and tonsils also make vulnerable infections in the ear; this is an internal association of diseases, kind of! Ear infection is of three kinds such as outer ear infection, middle ear infection and inner ear infection based on the position these occur and also has a specific medical nomenclature and explanation. Outer ear infections mostly occur due to external attack, pressure, scratch and piercing etc. in the ear canal wall. Swimmers among adults are the mass victim of such ear infection.  Middle ear infection occurs due to buildup of waxes and later cooperating with viruses and other germs. Inner ear infections are mostly related to other organs; or more specifically, such infections are the result of other organs’ infections like colds, fevers, tonsillitis or fluid like drain ear infection contagious where fluids containing germs  pass through the ear canal. However, in each and every case, either virus, bacteria or fungus and any other types of germs has great ‘contribution’!

What are the symptoms and what are the remedies of ear infection?

Regardless of the infection position in the ear, all of the infection has generic symptoms. Such ear infection symptoms are ear pain, drainage from the ear, fever, cold, temporary disability to hear, dizziness, vertigo, vomiting, pain and pressure over the ear.

Most of the ear infections get cured by themselves within few days if originates from mild tonsillitis or cold and fever. If the pain is unbearable, then you may get an acute infection by virus or bacteria. In that case, using a few drops of anti-virus or antibacterial agents would resolve this problem. However, if you are feeling the disorder or disability of hearing, immediately see a physician. Ear infections are never contagious by themselves, not even ear infection contagious after antibiotics!

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