Ear infection Contagious

Ear infections are highly associated with a lot of pain in children as their nerves tend to be highly sensitive. The pain will cause crying of the child at different times due to the discomfort that it generates.  Also, the infected child is likely to have fever. These are the common symptoms that originate from the infection.

According to the proved medical research, ear infection is not contagious in kids. The infection can only be passed along the cold thus leading to ear infection in case the virus settles on the middle ear of the child. A viral ear infection is contagious to majority of the children as their immune system is weak to be able to fight the disease.

Treatment of Ear infection

Treatment of the ear infection will result to reliving of one from the pain that is associated with the infection. The discomfort will be reduced making the stay to be better. There are several methods that have been used in treating of the ear infections. Some of the commonly used methods to treat the infections are:

Usage of antibiotics is the most common method that is used in treating of the infection. They are highly prescribed by majority of the doctors as they do not know the ear infection to clear up with a specific drug. Taking care of the kid symptoms is better since some of the infections tend to get better without treatment. Contagious ear infection can be reduced by the use of antibiotics as the viral cannot be cured completely. Although use of antibiotic is highly prescribed, some bacteria’s have become very resistant to the drugs due to repeated use of them.

Ear infection ContagiousAnother common way of treating ear infection at home is by use of pain relievers. The pain reliever helps in making the kid to be more comfortable. Some of the commonly used pain relievers are the aspirins and the non-steroidal anti inflammatory medicines.

Encouraging of child rest is another way of treating ear infection. This is because ear infection is contagious to kids and the rest helps in reducing the chances of transmitting the disease from one child to another or reducing the risk associated with getting different strains of the virus. Resting of the baby also is of important as the body is able to fight the infections.

Eardrop use is another way of treating ear infection.

Contagious ear infection in adult is very rare not like to children. In adults, their bodies have strong immune system that is able to fight the infection and cure itself. The infection is likely to last for few days before it can be over.

The outer ear infections are not contagious. These infections occur commonly to children or adults who mostly spend a lot of their time in water. The infection can result too from damage of the outer membrane of the ear while using cotton pads to clean the ears. The infection needs to be treated so as to avoid other infections that can infect the exposed part of the ear.

Ear infections in dogs.

Dog’s ear infections are contagious depending on the type of infection. One of the common types of ear infection is the yeast infection or other types that the dog can get. Ear infection to dogs is attributed to several factors. Some of these factors are:

Bacterial infection – bacterial infection is one of the major causes of infection to living things. The dog should be monitored and treated immediately in case of such infection to relieve it from the pain that is associated with the infection. Another cause of infection to dogs is food allergies. Consumption of some type of food is likely to lead to allergic reactions to the body of the dog that can result to ear infection. Ear mites too are known to cause ear infections. The dog should be kept free from mites to avoid infections.

Lastly, draining ear infection is not contagious as only the wax might be draining. You should not fear the drainage as it can not cause any disease. Visiting the doctor is the only way of ensuring the infection is able to be treated.

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