Ear lavage

Rather than sticking dangerous objects into your body to remove earwax, turn to ear lavage. Also known as irrigation, this procedure involves squirting a cleanser into the ear to help wash away the sticky substance that usually accumulates in the canal.

Who Needs Ear Lavage?

Ear lavageWhile the body does a wonderful job of keeping the body relatively clean, it does sometimes need a little help. People often turn to cotton swabs or other slender objects in an effort to cleanse the area, but this is a dangerous habit. Anything that is inserted into the delicate passage has the possibility to cause injury. It only takes accidently pressing too hard or having an unsteady hand to create a laceration or puncture that can have lasting and painful consequences.

If you feel that you produce too much cerumen and it is not being effectively cleared out naturally, an ear lavage procedure is a good fit for you. One of the best parts of cleaning your ears in this matter is that there are virtually no risks. It may take you a while to master how to complete an ear lavage at home successfully, but once you have done it a few times, you will find the treatment to be fast and easy.

What Exactly Is An Ear Lavage

In simplest terms, the ear lavage definition is the cleansing of the inner ear through the use of water or other liquid, such as saline or peroxide. Benefits of clearing wax in this manner include simplicity, speed and low risk. The only downsides to the method are that it can get messy trying to lave the canal on your own and you need to make sure the water is heated to a precise temperature to ensure that you do not experience excessive dizziness.

Ear lavageWhen it comes to ear lavage equipment, there are two options. The simplest is an inexpensive ball syringe and plain water. If you want something that is even simpler to use, you can purchase an irrigation device that is push-button operated. Both methods are sufficient, and the only differences between them are the cost of supplies and amount of effort needed for use.

For both pieces of equipment, operation is the same. The process will involve filling the unit with liquid, pointing it into the canal and allowing the steady stream of water to flush out cerumen. The procedure is painless so long as the liquid is heated to the correct temperature — body temperature or slightly higher — and there is no forcing of the device deeper than it is intended to go. Following these simple instructions will guarantee an excellent experience that you will be happy to try again in the future.

If you have ever wondered how to clean ears safely, you now have your answer: ear lavage is a simple solution that causes no pain and can effectively remove earwax from your canals so that there is no accumulation that can lead to infection or hearing impairment.

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