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Though they have been around for a long time, not many people are comfortable with using an ear wax candle. These sticks have been utilizing for many years to clear excess secretions from the ear. They are relatively safe to operate, but it is imperative that anyone attempting to irrigate their own ears should ensure they know how to use them.

What an Ear Wax Candle Helps With

Perhaps delving too deeply into what it is an ear wax removal candle does, we should learn about what earwax itself is. This sticky film is produced by the body — ironically — to help keep the ears clean. Normally, there is no reason to attempt to remove this secretion as the body naturally expels it. The movement of the jaw as it opens and closes, as well as the composition of the substance, helps to ease excess wax from the body. All that is needed is to gently clean around the outer area to remove the waste.

Ear wax candleCerumen, more commonly known as earwax, helps protect the ear canal in several ways. The substance provides lubrication so the canal does not try out, it traps dirt and removes it and it provides a thin layer of protection against bacteria, impurities and other foreign objects. Sometimes, however, earwax forms faster than the body can clear it, and this is where complications arise. Excess cerumen can lead to itchy ears, hearing loss, ringing and pain.

As it can be dangerous to insert small objects in the inner canal — like cotton swabs — a candle for ear wax removal is a safer alternative. One must bear in mind that as these candles utilize an open flame, extreme care must be observed when they are lit.

How to Use an Ear Wax Candle

When used as directed, a candle ear wax remover can help you deal with too much cerumen. The first thing you will need to know before using one of these tools is where to buy ear wax removal candle. These sticks can sometimes be difficult to find locally as they are not labeled for medical use. This being said, they are available at some pharmacies and health food stores. If you have no luck locating them in your area, you can purchase them online. They are inexpensive, usually ranging from $2 to $10 a box.

Ear wax candleBefore you attempt ear candle wax removal, it is a good idea to contact some family members or friends who may want to try the method along with you. Handling an open flame, especially when it is not in front of your face, can be dangerous. As your head will be tilted to the side to operate the tool, you may not notice if your flame is getting too close to clothing, hair or other flammable materials. It is for this reason that you should only consider candle ear wax removal when you are in the presence of other people.

Before lighting the wick of your candle, take some time to read the ear wax candle instructions. Read the instructions several times, if needed, to ensure you understand completely how you will work with your tools. Typically, you will tilt your head to the side or lay it down on a flat surface. One end of the tube will be lit while the other is gently inserted into your canal. The procedure lasts from 15 to 45 minutes per ear, after which you will be able to see physical evidence of the waste that has been removed from your ears.

When you are contemplating safe ways on how to clean ears, do not hesitate to turn to an ear wax candle after you have thoroughly reviewed their use instructions.

In this article you will be seeing the product reviews of various ear wax candle products, on how each of them can be effective in bringing out the earwax. You will find mention of the benefits in each one. These products are selected ones that are regarded the best for the purpose they are made for.

1. Beeswax Ear Candles 10 Pk

These ear candles are made of beeswax and unbleached muslin. It is used as thus; one end is inserted into the ear of the person and then the other end can be lit. The person can lie down on the side with the affected ear facing upwards; the candle can be inserted there. You may not need to worry about how to make it work, as the product comes with complete instructions on how to carry it out. You will find in the instructions precautions on how to avoid incidence of burn injury.

There are ten candles coming with this pack. It includes more than enough candles to complete the treatment to get the struck earwax out. It may get most of the earwax that causes the trouble outside. If you find some left you can use it for treatment at a later time, when you see the same problem again.

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2. Herbal Ear Cones (2-pack) 12inch cone by King Cone

Herbal Ear Cones12inch cone by King ConeThis is another commonly used ear wax candle, or more specifically ear cones you can say. You will find two of them in this pack. It is a good idea to use each one for the two ears; it can be part of an instant cleaning routine to clear the ear from earwax. It is an herbal product as mentioned in the product name, coming with all natural products so you don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals. Any harmful chemicals may cause irritation in the skin in the ear; you wouldn’t want that.

The specialty with this is that it is longer than other ear candles, being 12 inches long. This increased length means the candle will be taking a longer time to burn, so it has greater chance to take out majority of the earwax. Also the end is also quite large, making it easy for the earwax to move through it.

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3. Wallys Candles 100% Beeswax

This is an ear candle that is made of organic products alone. It is made of 100% earwax, so it is rightly named herbal ear cones. It contains no chemicals, no fragrances and no additives. Even though these things are not needed for an ear candle, there are many products that include them to urge the customers to buy them. The main function of an ear candle is to draw out the earwax in the ear; this one does that and does that alone. It comes in a pack of two; ideal for a quick remedy for impacted earwax.

This ear candle is slow in burning. This is advantageous because it means a longer time burning and it is more likely to get the earwax out. One special feature with this is the plastic valve at the bottom, which makes sure the earwax moves upwards only. It is certainly a plus over other ear candles.

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4. Paraffin Ear Candles 32 Pk

Paraffin Ear Candles 32 PkThis product is a mega pack of 32 ear candles. It is better to buy them in bulk like this than buying them in few amounts. These candles are made from paraffin, which poses less risk than beeswax to cause burns during the treatment, which is a common occurrence when people are not careful with this procedure. It is made of High Grade Food wax, which is of the highest quality. The candles are each 10 inches long and have a diameter of half an inch. They are long and large enough to effectively suck earwax out.

Although this method of treatment is quite safe and easy to carry out, users need to take some care while using the ear candles. This product comes with all the necessary instructions to help you with that. Users can follow the instructions to safely and effectively take out earwax while minimizing the potential risks.

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Ear wax is one of the many bodily secretions found in the ear canal that leads to the eardrums. They are quite essential and serve a lot of biological purposes. The earwax makes the ear canal waterproof, also works to trap any foreign particle that gets into the ear including dust and even small flying insects. It also works as an antibacterial to prevent infection in the ear canal. However, too much earwax can become a problem to a person. It can harden and clump and get blocked in the middle of the ear causing hearing and other problems. It needs to be removed via other means.

One basic thing you can do to get rid of the earwax in the ear is by using ear pick or cotton swabs. However, both of them may turn against you; the use of either one of them could push the impacted earwax deeper into the ear canal, making it even more difficult to get it ridden. A sophisticated alternative method you can try is to use something called ear candles. This has been traditionally used by a lot of people to remove excess earwax in the ear. Although its effects are not proven, many people are content with using ear candles.

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