Ear wax olive oil

If you are tired of using ineffective and dangerous cotton swabs to remove extra cerumen from your ears, try the ear wax olive oil method of cleansing. This safe and easy-to-perform procedure can loosen accumulated earwax so that it can easily be cleared away.

Ear Wax Olive Oil: A Natural, Effective Treatment

Before you learn about how to rid yourself of earwax, you should know why it is there to begin with. The ear canal leads into the body, and as an open access point, there is always the possibility of foreign objects accidentally or purposely entering. Particles like dust and dirt are always floating around in the air, and there is no way to keep them from making their way into mucus passages. Larger objects, such as bugs, often look for dark, warm places to burrow, and the ears provide the perfect habitat.

Ear wax olive oilThe function of cerumen is to keep these impurities away from the sensitive canal. When dirt enters, it is trapped by the sticky substance; when the mixture drains from the ear — which it does on a regular basis — the particles are taken with it.

Now that you know what cerumen is, you might be wondering why it needs removal. In most cases, earwax takes care of itself: the substance slowly liquefies over time and exits the canal. However, there are times when the sludge does not dissolve and expel fast enough, resulting in a build up. It is this accumulation that can lead to muffled hearing, achiness and pain.

Ear wax removal olive oil is a safe way to eliminate this build up. The oily substance penetrates the hard and sticky layer that is building, breaking it down and causing it to literally slip out.

How To Use Ear Wax Olive Oil

When using olive oil for ear wax removal, you must keep in mind that the process is not something that will be completed in minutes or in even one night. To see the best results, you must administer olive oil ear wax over the course of three or more days.

Ear wax olive oilTreatment is best tendered at night, and is it easier and less messy to treat one side at a time. Three drops are deposited before bed, on the side that will be facing up while you sleep. As the week passes, the droplets will work to soften compacted wax, so when you shower each morning, the refuse will be washed away effortlessly.

Olive oil ear wax removal is great because there are no scents associated with it, as is sometimes the case with medications. People at work will not know you are treating yourself, and you will not be in any discomfort that can interfere with your job or other responsibilities. Furthermore, you can purchase the supplies for the ear wax olive oil method at any supermarket or grocery store at a reasonable price.

The question of how to clean ears is one that is that often hotly debated due to safety concerns, but unlike the use of cotton swabs and other pointy objects, using the ear wax olive oil method to treat excessive cerumen production is safe and easy.

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