Ear wax removal home remedy

In the case of ear wax building up in the ear, there are many ear wax removal home remedy you can try to get it out of the ear canal. This is a common problem faced by a great percentage of people. The clogging of the ear canal can show a lot of symptoms most of which are uncomfortable. Loss of hearing is the main symptom, along with ear pain and a kind of ringing in the ear. Headache and dizziness may result in some cases. If the hardened earwax gets to the eardrums it can cause damage to it, which will turn out quite dangerous.


There are quite a lot of ways to remove excess wax that accumulates in the ear canal; most of them are effective as well. This article looks at some home remedies you can try to remove the earwax that got struck in the ear. It involves the use of hydrogen peroxide, olive oil as a wax softener and also ear irrigation that can be done at home. Each of these home remedies can look after the removal of the earwax. However, you may wish to buy some products to help with the earwax removal. Also included is a warning of an earwax removal product that you shouldn’t use.

Home Remedies for Ear Wax obstruction

The earwax forms from the secretions of the outer layer of skin of the outer ear canal, the part of the ear from the eardrum to the outside. Earwax normally doesn’t gather or clog in the middle of the canal; it will be pushed along to the outside via the natural mechanism of the body to remove earwax. However sometimes, it leads to ear wax build up; dirt and debris that gets into the ear canal gets trapped in the earwax, which may take a solid compact form. This will be unmovable and it will stay there until efforts are made to get it removed, hindering the hearing of the person while it stays.

Ear wax removal home remedyHydrogen peroxide ear wax removal is one of the most effective ways to clear the ear canal of clogging. Here is the direction: get some hydrogen peroxide in a small dropper or a container. Lay on a surface on your side so that the ear you are going to treat faces upwards. Pour the hydrogen peroxide in the container gently into the ear canal, until it is filled with it. The hydrogen peroxide will cause a lot of discomfort, especially after it reaches the eardrum. You have to stand this through for about 30 minutes. If it seems to be bubbling too much then add a bit more of the hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide as ear wax removal home remedy will remove excess wax struck in the ear.

When it comes to ear wax removal olive oil comes in handy. It is an ingredient available in the household, making an ideal home remedy for excess earwax struck in the ear. The olive oil can be used as a softener of the wax; to make break it into smaller bits so that it is easier to be taken out, either naturally or through you own efforts. The directions are to pour 3 drops of olive oil into the affected ear daily for up to about 4 days; this should be enough to soften the impacted earwax in the middle.

The softening of the earwax can be followed by ear irrigation for a more complete and effective earwax removal treatment. This also can be done at home using readily available materials. After the softening, the earwax will break into smaller pieces; they can be taken out by irrigation of the ear canal. For removing the ear wax balmy water can be used for the irrigation process. Warm water is preferred as cold water causes some level of discomfort to the person such as dizziness. It may also be a saline solution for greater benefits. The solution is streamed into the ear canal to take out the earwax though buoyancy.

Ear Wax elimination Products

You may also consider buying commercial products for the removal of earwax, even though home remedies are effective enough to take care of the problem. The basic products you can buy includes ear pick, ear curette and cotton swab. Ear pick and ear curette are both used to manually take the impacted earwax from the ear; they have a long handle and a special tip designed to scrape earwax from the depths. In most cases, the use of cotton swabs to take out the earwax turns against the purpose; the blunt end of cotton swab may push the earwax debris deeper into the ear canal.

One piece of advice is not to use any earwax removal products that are not proven to be effective, that claims to get rid of the struck earwax using farfetched methods. One example of such a product used by quite some number of people is the ear wax removal candle. It is where a hollow candle is placed into the ear with some part of it inside the ear and the rest of the part outside; a flame is lit at the other end. This has no proven benefits and many discourage its use; furthermore it may cause burn to the skin around the ear. You should avoid buying similar products like this; it is so much better to perform any of the home remedies.

After deciding to buy something, it is a good idea to buy an ear wax removal kit to help with the removal process. Such a kit probably contains everything that is needed for the removal of earwax. It is time saving than collecting the different ingredients for the home remedies. The kit will basically include ear picks of different lengths and different ends. It may also come along with hydrogen peroxide that can be used to remove the clogging. Along with it, an ear drop or similar apparatus may be included that can be used to carry out the treatment. It may also be accompanied by an earwax softener, probably made up of oil. You can buy a kit like this when you can’t find the ingredients to do an ear wax removal home remedy.

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