Ear yeast infections

The Candida albicans is an indigenous micro flora that lives inside the moist cavities that in the body which includes the mouth, rectum, vaginal cavity, ears, and eyes. The infection Candidiasis or yeast infection is caused by the overgrowth of these micro-organisms from immune suppression.

Ear infection causes, signs, and symptoms.

Yeast infection can be found in other parts of the body. It is caused by Candida micro-organisms increasing its population inside the body cavity because the good micro-organisms are low. Candida albicans is pathogenic micro-organisms in the body like the Escherichia coli and are food for the good micro-organisms. It increases the number when the body’s natural defence is suppressed due to medications, poor nutrition, poor hygiene, debilitating and progressive illness, and too much exposure to micro-organisms. The human ear yeast infection is not common among healthy individuals, because the ears produce natural defences through secretions that contain antibodies. Such yeast infection may be caused by a debilitating illness like those with AIDS wherein the body’s immune system continues to decrease and that the CD4 is useless because it is affected by HIV viruses.

Ear yeast infectionsAnother very common cause is the extreme hypersensitivity or severe allergic reactions in the ears causing it to produce too many secretions. Too much moisture inside the ears will become the breeding ground for micro-organisms leading to infection. The eye yeast infection is caused also by immune suppression, deterioration of health caused by some medications, chronic infections and inflammation, AIDS, allergic reactions, constant exposure to yeast infected people and objects, and autoinfection that happens when an infected part of the body gets contact to another susceptible part through vehicle or direct contact. The nose yeast infection is the least common body infected by Candida. But it is possible due to its connection to the ears. An infection coming from the ears may spread to the mouth and nose through the nasal cavity. This problem only happens when there is neglect in treating the infection at an early stage. The ear yeast infection symptoms include itchiness, ringing in the ears for extensive infections, temporary hearing loss, and pain if injury and wounds are present and foul odor.

The ear yeast infection in dogs is also similar to humans. Those dogs with drop ears are prone to ear infections, because it is always covered and that moisture remains inside the ears.

Treatment for a yeast infection in eyes, ears, and nose.

The ear yeast infection treatment includes antibacterial medications: oral medication and otic and optic drops. Some anti-inflammatory optic and otic drops can be applied to relieve pain and itchiness. Careful cleaning of the ears is needed at least once a week. Never clean the ears with any sharp objects.  Never try to rub the eyes at all times. The most important thing is to wash the hands thoroughly as necessary and keep a good hygiene.

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