Excessive ear wax

Its main purpose in the body is to act as a cleaning agent to the ears. At the same time it serves to lubricate and protect the sensitive ear canal.

This ensures that no harm is caused to the ear which as we all know is one of the most important senses in human. In the motor world it can be compared to the engine oil though ear wax is never to be completely changed. This is because the body has a miraculous way of getting rid of the excessive ear wax.

Ear Wax removal mechanism

Like never before, people have came to understand the role that the ear wax plays in maintaining the ears in their perfect functioning condition. In the past people used to think that the wax was actually dirt that served no important to the body. This has greatly changed due to health awareness campaigns.

Excessive ear waxAccording to the body mechanism if there is excessive ear wax it is expected to ease it way out by the help of jaw movement. This does not call for any other intervention of a person to try and get out the some seemingly excess wax in the ears. Therefore some individual will stay for long even without trying to clean their ears because they never feel that they have some abnormancy.

Medical experts advise that when cleaning your ears you should not in any manner try to find the ear wax that in inside the ear canal but instead you are to clean the wax that is readily out of the ear. This is the wax that has emerged out of the ear on its own.

Though it is clear that the ear wax is of much important to the ear, excessive wax canon the other hand is a problem. This is per the saying that too much of everything is poisonous. This is why an American foundation of head and neck surgery is on its way to release a national guideline on how best to checking if there is excessive amount of wax in a patient’s ear. In addition they are to provide the safest and suitable way to remove the wax and how to handle cases of patients whose ears are producing excessive ear wax that is resulting into heath issues.

Reasons of excessive ear wax

Apart from accumulation of excess ear wax in the ears there are other reasons that can cause on too have excess wax in their ears. According to a professor of otolaryngology and neurology in Northwestern University Medical School, Dr Timothy Hain, certain people are just wax producers. This means that they naturally are able to produce excessive ear wax. It has been found that these people in many cases do not have problems with eliminating the excess wax.  But in cases where excess wax causes the inflammation, pain, or ear damage then they are to seek medical intervention to help come with a solution.

Another likely cause of having excessive ear wax is ear perforation. The eardrum is an oval shaped membrane which is found in between of the inner ear and middle ear.  Due to physical trauma, loud noises or mechanical impact there may be a rapid pressure change in the ear causing this tissue membrane to rupture. This is because the membrane is thin & very delicate. In the event that the tissue is torn then we refer to this condition as ear perforation. The perforation fervent the produced wax from moving out of the middle ear causing excessive ear wax build up.

After a perforation there are possibilities of an infection to occur in the area around the eardrum. This is because the hole provides an entry point of the bacteria. It is the wax produced by the sebaceous gland in the middle ear that helps in cleaning the ear. In cases where an infection has occurred it becomes difficult for the wax to clean the ear has it is accumulating of dark ear wax. In addition, oozes another symptoms of excessive ear wax caused by the bacteria, triggers the ear to produce more and more wax all in an attempt to clean the dirt.

Another cause of excessive ear wax plug is continued use of hearing devices like the head phones, earplugs and hearing aids. Due to the sound wave from these devices, it interferes with the movement of the wax out the ear. These eventually result into production of excessive ear wax and build up. In case one is a frequent user of the hearing devices they are advised to increase the number of the times that they clean their ears. There are cleaning methods that frequent hearing instrument wearers are advised to follow. Those who fall in this class are supposed to consult a specialist or an audiologist to recommend the best method that they can use to clean their ears off the excessive ear wax.

 There is a method of cleaning the ears known as candling. The method is meant to clean the accumulated ear wax but if not applied appropriately it can lead to excessive ear wax buildup. American academy of otolaryngology is one group that is against usage of the ear candling products due to likely damages that the products can cause to the ears. The group argues that candling goods can burn the ears parts making the ears to produce more wax in an attempt to clean the burnt parts out of the ears.

Another reason that an individual is likely to have excessive ear wax in children is lack of appropriate hygiene. If you do not clean your ears off the emerging wax then there is a possibility of ear canal blockage. This will prevent further migration of emerging excessive brown ear wax from getting out of the ear causing a buildup. So it is an important to learn on the best methods of cleaning the ears. Let the cleaning not be excessive ear wax removal that interferes with the importance of the wax in the ears.

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