Hydrogen peroxide in ear

In cleaning of the ears, necessary precautions must be done. It is a crucial though simple procedure. The main objective in the cleaning of the ears is to thoroughly cleaning it without causing any trauma to any of its parts.

Indications in the use of hydrogen peroxide in cleaning the ears

There are certain conditions that allow the use of this kind of cleaning solution and there are also contraindications to its use. It is indicated for an ear impacted with hardened ear wax. It helps soften the hardened ear wax. This solution is also used to clean blocked ears caused by underwater swimming. With only two drops plus an irrigating fluid, it softens the object inside the ear allowing it to come off easily.

Hydrogen peroxide in earIt can be used as a cleaning method for ear infection such as the otitis externa. The infection is not deep inside the ear. It can clean the ear from too much mucoid discharges. It temporarily removes the foul smell inside the ear caused by the discharges. It is important to use antibiotic drops after cleaning the ears to ensure its healing.

There are testimonials and recommendations that the hydrogen peroxide solution can temporarily relieve colds. A common cold is an infection that affects the nasal cavity. The nasal cavity is connected to the auditory canal. During colds, a feeling of fullness inside the ear is experienced by the person. The hydrogen peroxide or an irrigating solution, when used to clean the ears provides a thorough cleaning the whole ear. It is said that pathogens that cause the common cold do not enter through the nose or the mouth, but through the ears.

This solution can be used to clean an itchy ear. Itchiness inside the ear indicates that dirt and dust inside. With a drop of two or three of the solution, it can remove the dirt inside the ear. In case of an ear pain is present; hydrogen peroxide must not be used. An ear pain indicates the presence of a tissue damage or wound. The irritating solution will cause further damage and will cause the ear’s wound to expand. It will soak and penetrate inside the inner ear and will spread the infection

 How to clean the ears with the use of Hydrogen Peroxide solution?

The use of hydrogen peroxide in ear infections is an old method and still effective. It is used to clean impacted earwax, ear blockage, and also in the cleaning of the ears.

There is a step by step process in cleaning the ears depending on the type of solution to be used. Hydrogen peroxide is safe in ear to use for cleaning. But necessary things must be considered before taking the action. You mast have to know that how to use hydrogen peroxide in ear. First, this solution is a strong oxidizer. Meaning the solution could possibly cause irritation. It must have the right and necessary amount to be used. Second, putting something a liquid inside the ear may cause damage to any of its part. The ears are so much delicate and for this cleaning should be done very carefully. Lastly, the manner of administering the fluid into the ear must be correct.

The materials needed to clean the ears are: 3 to 5 ml syringe (with the needle removed); medicine dropper; fresh clean water; clean small towel; bowl; cotton balls; and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide.

In cleaning the minor to moderate amount of ear impaction, ear itchiness, and ear blockage, regular use of hydrogen peroxide is recommended. Assistance from an adult who knows how to clean the ears is recommended. First the person has to lay in a flat and side lying position on a comfortable surface. Let’s assume that the procedure starts on the person’s right ear, so he/she has to lay flat on his/her left. A soft and thin pillow can be used under the head. Tilt the head slightly and carefully. The cap of the solution’s container can be used as a measuring material. Use a medicine dropper in applying the solution to make it safer and more precise. Drop one to two drops of the solution into the ear carefully. It will slowly soften the impacted earwax. Let the solution soak inside the ear for twenty minutes. The impacted ear wax will slowly soften.  Let the fluid and debris drain from the ear using either a bowl or a clean towel. Carefully wipe the outer ear for any solution left to avoid it from flowing towards the face and avoid irritation. Use cotton balls to wipe and clean the middle ear to further remove the solution out of the ear. Repeat the necessary procedures to the other ear. Take note that the hardened ear wax cannot be easily be removed in just one cleaning procedure. It may take few days to remove all of it. A regular cleaning of the ear for five days using the hydrogen peroxide can prevent ear wax build up.

The cleaning of the ear with infection using hydrogen peroxide is also recommended, yet with exemptions. An infection that involves the external to middle part of the ear can be cleansed with this solution. But infection involving the middle to the inner ear is no longer allowed. A physician consultation is needed. An ear infection signifies that something is wrong inside the ear. There could be wound or perforation inside. The use of any irritating substance in cleaning the ear would aggravate the present problem and can spread the infection further. Even small tissue damage inside the ear could further damage the inner ear and might actually complicate and reach the brain.

The use of hydrogen peroxide in cleaning the ears is not compulsory. It can only be used if there are some debris, hard objects, and foul smell inside the ear. A clean cloth is usually used to clean the ears with no problems.

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