Inner ear crystals

When you experience inner ear crystals symptoms like dizziness while moving or when you look at objects to be moving, it may be a result of the salt crystal formation in the inner ear. The improper intake of salty foods, alcohol and tobacco and some aspirin intake as well as stress trigger such condition and it is what causes inner ear crystals to dislodge from the otolith organs and eventually penetrates the ear canal.

This causes vertigo which makes the patient suffers dizziness and experience inappropriate movement like shaking of the objects that he sees due to the vestibular systems failure to function normally. This condition is not that serious and can be cured by some treatment. The condition of the patient comes back to normal as it only last for about 30-60 seconds.

Inner Ear Crystals Related Terms and Problems

Inner ear crystals tinnitus is a hearing disorder where the patient experiences a constant ringing sound in the ear. This caused mostly by the food intake most especially of salty ones, or from the harmful hazards from cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine, as well as from medications of aspirin and stress too.

Inner ear crystalsInner ear crystal and dizziness are correlative because of the calcium carbonate crystals formation that destructs the balance of movement, normal function of eyesight caused by the constant ringing in the inner ear canal. Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) can be defined as a condition which is arised in inner ear. Its symptoms are recurring episodes of positional vertigo. Vertigo is a spinning sensation which is caused for the changes of head position. BPPV is one of the common causes of vertigo.

How to Treat Inner Ear Crystals?

The occurrence of these ear problems is really uncomfortable and they do cause changes in the perception of the object’s motion. It also affects the hearing ability because it breaks down the clarity of the sounds that are transmitted from the outer ear to the inner ear. Inner ear crystals are not that harmful and can be treated easily. With some helpful activities, they can be normalized accordingly. It is advised to do some inner ear crystal exercises.

To prevent the occurrence of problems like dizziness or vertigo, you have to bear in mind some helpful tips. Protecting your head with gears when you are having outdoor activities is one good thing to prevent accidents. Avoid moving abruptly because it triggers benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. Refrain from taking alcohol successively as well as smoking. Second hand smoking can also cause dizziness. Minimize salty food intake and prevent abusive consumption of caffeine. These practices can make a change on what you feel and to make the inner ear crystal balance and inner ear crystals realignment. If the condition doesn’t change, better consult the doctor and ask for possible ways for treatment.

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