Inner ear inflammation

This is embarrassing to ask if you have ever faced the irritating pain prior inflammation in the inner ear. But, it is of worth asking if you never went through such pains and don’t know what to do! Because of the complex structure of the ear comprising of inner and outer Ear portion along with connectivity with head, an inflammation inside inner ear is not only irritating or unbearable in that sense that it exceeds the tolerance limit, but it is too much threatening and hazardous because this inner ear infection may lead to permanent hearing loss, even damage in the brain!

How long do inner ear infection and inflammation usually last?

This last on the severity, how long they have been lasting that depends on the past history, how many times you have suffered from it in past, what are the reasons from infection and inflammation originated and how have you been treating it now! Well, most of the cases, in fact, naturally, inner ear infection and inflammation occur from viral, bacterial or fungal attack. Sometimes, mistreating the ear or cleaning the ear in a wrong way which caused scratch or damage in the inner ear wall enables and helps these germs to attack the ear.

Inner ear inflammationThe common and worst culprit virus which often makes people vulnerable is the Labyrinthitis. So, the infection may last depending on how long the virus last. For a healthy immune system owning person, this virus and its effect, i.e. pain last from one week to one month. But, if you start taking treatment like antibiotic for bacterial case then this should disappear within one day. Sometimes, ear infections also are caused by the bi-products produced inside the ear.

What are the symptoms of inner ear inflammation and what are the remedies?

A common symptom is the symptom which is a symptom of many other diseases and disorders, the pain! Yes, you will likely to be feeling a little pain. But, several other suspicious symptoms are found like dizziness. Ear inflammation dizziness is a non-painful but unbearable sensational situation of the human body when the body loses the balance or feels like the head is spinning. This phase is often used to refer as inner ear inflammation vertigo interchangeable dizziness. Another such symptom is inner ear inflammation round window otosclerosis.

Sometimes the pain or the infection is so mild that you can feel the mildness and aren’t willing to see a physician. And, your will is okay! Many of the times, a home remedy is enough for treating such infections. For reduction of inner ear inflammation at home, you should first identify the reason which is the culprit behind the scene. If it is caused by the excessive or impure wax, then the first and foremost work is to remove the wax. But, here is another issue! Be careful while removing wax. Use safety kits which are sterilized. Move the kit and squirt the washing liquid so carefully that it doesn’t create and damage in the ear or doesn’t reach in the authorized area restricted by brain functionality. If this is an output of the input actions by virus or bacteria or fungi, use their anti-agents. Commons agents are known as omega 3, DHA and EPA fatty acids. Omega 6 is also proven as effective. For inner ear inflammation natural remedies, you also may try agents containing hydrogen peroxide.

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