Itchy inner ear

This symptom is very common and does not have specific origin. There are many factors that affect such symptom and not all its causes are pathological.

What are the causes of an extremely itchy ear?

Itchiness in the ears may pose for the presence of a major problem like fungal infection or sometimes caused by dirt. The causes of this type of symptom have no direct origin, because there are many factors that affect it. The most common factor is the presence of dirt and dust. It means that the ears are dirty. The itchy inner ear canal may be due to over production of ear wax and or fluids from swelling. In swimmer’s itch, water goes in the ear and stayed there for a long period of time. This fluid inside the ear are considered foreign that is why more cerumen is produced. Another effect is the development of infection due to moisture.

itchy inner earInfection is another cause of ear eczema or itchiness inside the ears. Most of the infections inside the ears are caused by neglecting middle ears or outer ear infection that was neglected. The itchy inner ear and throat infections are related. Some throat infections, especially those that are neglected for a very long time may spread though nearby organ systems. The itchy inner ear and throat causes are bacterial, viral, fungal, or physical injuries in the ears.  Itchy inner ear and sore throat can happen when the infection is already extensive to the extent that the inner ear is affected. The auditory cavity is open and is near the nasal cavity. An infection that is extensive coming from the ears may spread to the nose and mouth causing sore throat, cough, colds, and other upper respiratory infections. It is also related to allergic reactions where in more secretions reproduced from the activation of histamine producing chemo receptors. These chemo receptors are found in the lymphatic system.

The itchy inner ear vertigo is related to Meniere’s disease. This disorder is caused by swelling inside the ears caused by infections, excess moisture inside the ears, and autoimmune reactions. It can also cause pressure inside resulting to temporary hearing loss. The vertigo is the loss of balance and is usually temporary and the presence itchy inner ear and dizziness is also experienced. The itchy inner ear and pain is associated with pressure inside the inner ears, and is common when there is injury inside the ears.

How to relieve ear itchiness?

There several remedies for this type of problem. The first remedy is cleaning the ears. The itchy inner ear peroxide solution is a good way to clean the ears for debris and other dirt that can cause irritation. In cases of infection, it is necessary to have a consultation with the physician since there could be more problems present. Antihistamine can reduce allergic reactions.

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