Otitis externa treatment

This external otitis is another form of otorrhea. The inflammation of the outer and middle ear canal is the main characteristics of this disorder. It can be a result from a dermatitis or eczema whether from an infection or an allergic reaction.

What are the causes of otitis externa?

It occurs in other species. It is the Inflammation of the ear canal’s skin. The ear canal is inflamed and is painful to touch.

Otitis externaThe acute otitis externa is caused predominantly by microbial infection. It occurs suddenly and worsens rapidly. It becomes painful and is alarming. The ear canal is abundant in nerves supply, so pain stimuli are severe. The ear wax in combination with swelling of ear canal skin and some pus can block it. It also creates temporary a conduction hearing loss. In severe cases, the infections may spread to some soft tissues on the face that consist the parotid gland and the jaw, thus making it painful in chewing. In some mild forms, it is common during some ear, nose, and throat infections.

Small percentages of cases have chronic external otitis. Most of the people can prevent this problem, especially when the otitis externa treatment guidelines are followed earlier. The ear canal inflammation usually begins with an ear trauma. It is mostly caused by negligence of self cleaning of one’s ear, scratching, or inserting sharp objects into the ear. The bony ear canal is sensitive, so it can be easily injured. Too much moisture into the ear can compromise its natural barriers of protection and micro-organisms can enter.

There are two factors required to the development of an external otitis: the presence and occurrence of infections and micro-organisms that replicate in the ear tissues; and the impairment of the ear tissues integrity. Injury can cause inflammation and swelling and can allow micro-organisms to enter the wound.

Ear discharges are also present. They may differ according to some contents present. A yellowish and purulent ear discharges signifies an ear infection. A blood tinged or bleeding ear means there is a wound inside. A white discharge would mean some inflammatory response from allergies or foreign objects present inside the ear. But a clear discharge may mean leaking of cerebrospinal fluid due to head trauma. Temporary hearing loss s also experienced due to the blockage of the ear canal from swelling. Pain is always experienced, because of the presence of problem inside.

How to treat Otitis Externa?

This ear problem can be diagnosed inspection of the ear using a penlight. In some time where in the problem had resolved, the ear may appear to be normal and with normal amounts of cerumen. The examination must be done when severe pain has occurred to further identify it. Some tissue debris and pus can be seen inside the ear canal. Redness and bleeding can also be seen. Discharges and too much cerumen are present with foul odor.

The otitis media treatment can be a cure or just a remedy to minimize the occurrence of some undesirable symptoms. Otic drops containing corticosteroids can lessen the pain and swelling. There are also antibacterial and antifungal drops available and prescribed to cure the presence of an infection. Some otic drops that contain steroids can cause fungal growth when used in long periods of time and it might worsen the problem.

Cleaning of an affected ear is very important. A common remedy is otitis externa treatment vinegar. The vinegar contains acetic acid that can kill some micro-organisms and can remove foul odors in the ear. It is also used in cleaning the ears. The otitis externa treatment of paediatrics is by application of otic drops that are prescribed. Regular and gentle cleaning of the ears with a cotton applicator can remove the dirt inside. Prevent the child from inserting his/her hands inside the ear. Do not give any small toys that can fit in the nostrils and ear holes, since small children are fond of inserting objects inside the nose and ears.

The otitis externa healing for dogs are also same as humans, only the difference is they need veterinarians.

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