Over the counter ear infection

These types of medications are not as strong as compared to other drugs that needed doctor’s prescriptions in order to be purchased like the antibacterial and antiviral drugs. These medications are available in any drug stores and can be bought anytime.

The over the counter ear medications for humans.

There are specific drugs that are only available with prescriptions and other can be purchased by own will. The common medications for ear infection that are over the counter drops for relieving swelling and for moisturizing the ears, solutions for cleaning the ears, and otic drops that relive itchiness temporarily. In contrast with the other drugs which are antibiotics, corticosteroids, and other strong drugs, these over the counter drugs have limited side effects or none at all. Most of it is just used for relieving and cleaning and not for totally treating the infection. Somehow these substances may help in the treatment process.

over the counter ear infectionThe over the counter ear infection drops consist of first generation antibiotics plus anti-inflammatory agents that are not intended for severe infections and some pain relieving medications. The over the counter ear drops are commonly used by many especially for minor infections in the ear. Some may find it effective without having a consultation with the physician creating a negative stigma that these types of drugs actually work whatever ear problem exist. Some may also think of it as a moisturizer for dry ear canals or a solution for cleaning the ears. However it mustn’t be confused with the irrigation solution for the ears. The idea is also the same with eye drops for example. There are people who think eye drops as treatment for dry eyes to the extent that it can also be a treatment for sore eyes or conjunctivitis. As a result many would rely to eye drops as sore eyes treatment where in fact it is not. This people would believe the eye drops work since the sore eyes disappears after three days which is actually expected even without treatment for that infection is self limiting. Without any treatment will ear infection goes away by itself? It can and it will be as long as the infection is minor but the problem is infections must not be left untreated.

The over the counter ear infection medicine for adults is different from those for children. Adults can apply some superscribed medications for their infected ears but not for children. Children have hypersensitivity to some substances and other allergies are not yet discovered due to their age and limited exposures to many different things as adults do.

The dog ear infection treatment.

The over the counter dog ear infection may be purchased provided that the owner knows the drug and has previously encountered this drug before from the veterinarian’s prescription for the dog and that this is used appropriately. For dogs, it is still best for them to have checked up.

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