Shih Tzu ear infection

Shih Tzu ear infection may not be so obvious when you rely on past experience to be sure that your pet has a medical problem. This is because you may be used to expecting a certain kind of behavior for a particular infection. There are several signs that your Shih Tzu may exhibit to indicate an ear infection. Some of these are: scratching the infected ear repeatedly, licking repeatedly the paw that it uses to scratch the ear, shaking the head, rubbing its head against the floor. These are not really subtle indications of ear infection.

Ear Infection on Shih Tzu is Similar with Infection in Other Dogs?

Yorkie ear infection is not unusual due to the nature of its ears. The long hair that is all over including the inside of the ear creates a good habitat for ear mites and makes your Yorkie’s ears susceptible to infections. This hair can be removed easily by quick plucking in between professional grooming. It gets used to this activity if it is done often enough. Do frequent health checks on your Yorkie. These include checking for bad odor or presence of ear mites.

Shih Tzu ear infectionPomeranian ear infection is equally not unusual because they are naturally prone to ear infections caused by yeast, bacteria, foreign objects, ear mites or injury. You will know they have the infection when you notice them scratching the ear, and/or crying, or tilting their head. A visit to the vet should be made as soon as possible.

Poodle ear infection is not as common as in other dogs. However, it is important to know what symptoms to look out for in case it may happen. The skin in and around the ear may appear red or puffy; the ear canal may look swollen or show signs of irritation; or the poodle may show signs of pain when you touch the ear. All these, including a possible foul smell that may smell like yeast, are indications of a problem. An ear infection often causes the poodle to have loss of hearing, loss of appetite and reluctance to chew. Bichon Frise ear infection is mostly caused by the long fur growing under the ears. Bichons are known for their propensity for infections of the ear. After diagnosis, the usual prescription is usually ear drops and daily cleaning of the ears to treat and to prevent future infections.

Treatment for Shih Tzu ear infection

Dogs ear infection can last anywhere between a couple of days and a couple of weeks. Dogs that have floppy ears tend to be more susceptible to infections of the ear than other dogs.

Shih Tzu ear infection treatment should start as soon as infection is identified. There are some easy to find items that can be used for remedies as Shih Tzu ear infection home treatment. These include warm compress, Vitamin E oil, green tea, clove and vinegar. The way to identify and prevent recurrent Shih Tzu ear infection as well as ear infection for all dogs, is to inspect the ears daily, which includes, especially for the floppy eared dogs, daily cleaning of the ears.

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