Sore ear

Pain is painful, whether it is in the ear or in the hair. However, hair doesn’t have the nerve tissue so there is no pain! To treat a sore in anywhere to relieve from the pain, the main and wise step is to remove the reason that is causing the pain. For example, someone may have sore ear canal. Now guess what the ‘may be’ reasons are! First, there is a scratch. Second, there may be any kind of piercing which lead to sore ear lobe. And finally, there is an autonomous immune disorder which leads to germ attacks!  Let the reasons reveal and remedies let out.

What causes ear pain?

This is important because prevention is important as treatment more than cure. So, if you know which may cause sore ears, you will be alert beforehand to prevent the reasons; applicable for the health conscious people! Sore ears may result from both visible and invisible reasons. Confusing? Take a look at the following description.

Sore earThis is often found that, many pregnant ladies say that they feel pain in their ear. But, there is no damage or infection in the ear. This is one case. Some cases are found where ear pain is originated from the lupus in the cartilage in anywhere in the body like knees. People, mostly women often pierce their ear skin which hurts the tissues like cartilage which also cause temporary pain. But, this temporality turns into permanent if the infections occur by virus or bacteria. Even wrong way sleeping habit may also cause sore ear.

What are the sore ear types and how to cure sore ear?

This is a bit complex depending on the circumstances. The situation doesn’t get such terrific if the pain is only on the ear itself. If infection is spotted, only anti infectional agents will be enough. You may take universal solution hydrogen peroxide which is quick effective.  If due to any other physical reason like sleeping habits or excessive damage due to piercing, removing such habits or tolerating temporary pain would solve eventually.

But, if the pain also comprises of other organs like sore ear and jaw and sore ear and throat, to treat sore ear becomes more difficult. And, this is the circumstance when your own general medical knowledge wouldn’t be enough. You must see a specialist regarding issues like sore ear and throat on one side.

However, general treatment for general level sore ear trouble, here are few instructions. Warm a pure cloth to tolerable and comfortable level. Now, put it over the pain feeling ear. If warm cloth doesn’t make you comfortable, try cold. Ear drops are also available which soothes the pain in the ear. These are found in local medicine corner. Herbal drops are preferred always. If the reason is waxes stored in the inner ear, remove the waxes in a safe way and using sterilized kits.

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