Tinnitus tamer

The application has been made in a way that uses sequences of certain tones and silent periods whereby the neural networks that are in the auditory system of the patient’s brain get retrained. The effectiveness of the tinnitus tamer is noticed during the initial period of training when the tinnitus gets less bothersome. One eventually becomes unaware of the tinnitus during the periods in between the training sessions. It will only be heard after a lot of concentration, but it will not be annoying any more.

How do you get the Tinnitus Tamer?

Tinnitus tamerThere is some good news to people who suffer from tinnitus. There is now a tinnitus tamer free version that can be downloaded from the internet. Many users have found relief from the bothersome ailment in this application that makes one feel like they are living their life in a way they never imagined they would. This is because it is very difficult to take care of tinnitus. There are a growing number of people who suffer from tinnitus, and it helps when they can meet and share their experiences. There is tinnitus message board on the internet that is meant for victims of tinnitus.

Are there any other effective methods of taming tinnitus?

The stubborn nature of the ailment has brought about the rise of a multi-million dollar industry for tinnitus treatment. This is, needless to say, full of con-men because they know that victims will give anything to have a solution to the tinnitus problem. One such scam is the snake oil tinnitus solution, whose price tag is on the higher side, as you would expect. Engineers are working on brain training for tinnitus for humans after it was found effective on rats. This probably uses the same concept as the tinnitus tamer.

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